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How to Make it in the Drag Industry

What does it take? Advice from successful drag queens.

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If you're just starting out in the drag game, you know best of all how difficult it can be to get started. Where do you go? Who do you talk to? How do you find your inner queen?

That's why Poppins Productions has done the research and is here to offer you seven hot tips for aspiring queens.

#1: Find a Safe Space to Begin

Starting out can be scary. It's essential to begin from a space of safety, otherwise it can be difficult to feel confident in your inner queen.

Find a space you can use as your sanctuary, whether it's your bedroom, a friend's house, or anywhere you feel you can be fully yourself.

This is where you can begin to explore.

#2: Allow for Creativity

When you feel safe enough to begin, do not hold back. There are no stupid questions or bad ideas here.

One of the greatest joys of the drag industry is the ability to "play". Play with your makeup, wigs, costumes-- even your personality.

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Like a child playing dress up, or making their parents watch them give a "concert" in the living room with their cousins on Thanksgiving. This is your time to shine!

Don't be afraid of your own genius.

#3: Find a Queen to Emulate

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An important part of finding your identity as a queen is the "watch and learn" phase. Find someone whose character inspires you.

This can be intimidating, as drag is inherently a white-male dominated industry.

Fortunately, there are so many queens representing BIPOC queer youth nowadays, so it shouldn't take long to find someone with whom you identify.

#4: Begin with Cheaper Products

Every queen has to start somewhere.

The truth is, you can make just as much magic with the cheaper beauty products as with the big name brands. Become familiar with the basics of the art form before going all out.

You'll save money, not to mention you'll save the stress of spending more money than needed.

Source: Unsplash

Cheaper products also allow for more creative play with your makeup, which is, as we've discussed, a majorly important part of the process. Practice makes perfect!

#5: Check Your Motives

If you're getting into drag for the money, best get out now. For most queens, it takes months, even years to make a living from drag alone. Be prepared to suffer for your art...or just don't quit your day job (yet).

Do drag because you love it.

Do it for the rush, the play, the DRAMA.

Because it makes you feel at home within yourself.

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#6: Get Out There

Source: Media from Wix

If you're new to drag, one of the most basic ways to get yourself comfortable within the arena is to go to as many shows as possible. By getting yourself out and into the community, you will be surprised to find how quickly you make friends and gain support.

#7: Have Fun with It!

The most common piece of advice we've found online about making it in drag is to "just have fun with it!" This may be hard to do for some, but if you start from a safe place and go from there, we have no doubt you will be able to let yourself shine as you deserve to.

Drag is about self-discovery, self-acceptance, play, and empowerment. If something doesn't feel right, don't do that thing. If it does feel right, run with it and never look back.

You go, queen!

Source: Unsplash


Written by Emmalyne Karnes, @emmalyne_rose on Instagram.

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