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Poppins Productions provides a platform for local and national entertainers to showcase their talents while building their brand and skills to transfer them into well equipped entrepreneurs.

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Since its founding in 2015, Poppins Productions has grown into a leading entertainment company within the Midwest. We are working in different areas of the entertainment  industry  which includes artists, songwriters, business and entertainment consultation, booking services, artist development, and much more.  Our organization quickly began to expand with including several brand portfolios (Poppins Extensions Plus, Poppins Urban Podcast, and Mary Essence) to maximize entertainers to take charge of their careers and to become better business leaders with resources to elevate current platforms...

We are proud to provide a unique development program which integrates our business communications and financial literacy into our teachings throughout each brand portfolio. In addition, Poppins Productions  continuously  strives  through philanthropy on a national and local level and  creating a robust internship opportunities for students to learn .  We are always looking for ways to enhance our clients experience and expectations. 


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We are focused on cultivating an inclusive environment to support and create an opportunity for all (Youth, Adults, Minorities, and members of the LGBTQIA community) to thrive in the world of entertainment and become world-class entrepreneurs. 



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