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Rihanna Nearly Bankrupt: Business & Finance

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Did you know that black entertainers are more likely to be taken advantage in the entertainment industry than white entertainers? The Entertainment Industry is dominated by white males and who are in executive positions. Therefore, making it difficult for black entertainers to gain access to a seat at the table and partly due to lack of education, knowledge when it comes to business and finance.

Unfortunately, black entertainers aren't equip with the proper training or resources as their white counterparts such hiring adequate management and accountant to properly assist with their careers and finances. It is time for black entertainers to take a stand, be able to have a set and voice at the table and make more concise decisions about their careers.

One of the most famous and adore singers of all time, Rihanna nearly became bankrupt after a violent domestic violence's situation with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown and only 2 million dollars left to her name. Rihanna like other entertainers trusted her ex-accountant to work within their best interest in handling all of her finances and naturally believe that they are professionals.

Later, Rhianna learned that her accountant was incorrectly managing funds and improperly filing taxes, including keeping an unfair amount of profits. Due to the negligence of her accountant who damn near bankrupt the Barbados singer to quickly

regain control of her finances and career by creating her own business acumen and rebranding herself.

Rihanna is consider the one of the richest and consider to be a fashion icon of our time with her Fenty brand women, using her talents as a singer and fashion sense to cultivate her vision into reality. It has been a observation of mines that minorities are being exploited for their talent and left to defend themselves when shit hits the fans. The moral of the story is invest into yourself by educating yourself on the basic of busines and finance to avoid ever being taking advantage.

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